Extra-ordinary Council Meeting – Minutes – 27th June 2022

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 Eastwood Town Council 

120 Nottingham Rd, Eastwood 

NG16 3NP 

Tel: 01773 719384 





held at the Eastwood Town Council Chamber NG16 3NP 

on Monday 27th June 2022 commencing at 7.00 p.m. 


Present: Town Mayor Councillor K. Woodhead 

Cllrs D. Bagshaw, Mrs. S. Bagshaw, Mrs. E. Benton, Mrs. K. Boam, M. Bullock, R. Bullock, Ms. J. Foxhall, Mrs. M. Hannah,  

  1. N. Levett, M. Radulovic MBE, Mrs. R. Woods. Also present: Town Clerk Sheena Trower & two members of the public.


ETC53/2023 To Receive Apologies for Absence 


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor T. Aram. 


ETC54/2023 Variation of Order of Business      None 


ETC55/2023 Declarations of Members Interests 


Councillors R. Bullock & K. Woodhead declared a non-pecuniary interest in allotment matters. 

Councillors Mrs. S. Bagshaw & M. Radulovic M.B.E. declared a non-pecuniary interest for transparency purposes as Members of the Broxtowe Borough Council Cabinet reference Levelling up Paper.  


ETC56/2023 Minutes 


To Confirm the Non-Confidential Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Eastwood Town Council 13th June 2022. 

RESOLVED to agree and sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record. 


ETC57/2023 To determine which additional items on the agenda should be taken with the public excluded.   None. 


ETC58/2023 Open Forum 


  1. Public Participation Two attendees 

Members of the public addressed the meeting with reference to the proposed Levelling up bid for consideration of approval for submission to Government, to provide improved health, well being and care facilities for the town of Eastwood.  Support noted. 

ETC59/2023 To receive draft Levelling up Bid submission for consideration of approval as prepared by Broxtowe Borough Council for the town of Eastwood. 


Councillor Milan Radulovic addressed the meeting with information relating to the commencement of the Levelling up bid preparation, reference to the Chancellor’s statement at the introduction of the initiative. Opportunities were considered by Cllr Radulovic & Cllr D. Bagshaw for the town of Eastwood. Subsequently, in December 2019 Broxtowe Borough Council announced a bid would be duly submitted for both Eastwood and Stapleford. 


The health, well being and improved Primary Care facilities for the town were a top priority item, including proposed leisure centre with swimming pool, improved G.P. and health care centre. Residents were consulted with over 1000 responses received. Statistics of education and health issues noted, including housing requirements and allocation percentages. The meeting noted the commercial work, including mining and steelworks, had resonated  long-term health issues for some people, both locally and in the wider field.  


Reference to Durban House inclusion in the bid, to provide a well being and healthcare facility, with focus on mental health, companionship and the support needs of residents.  


Physical health needs were incorporated into the bid, including proposed network cycle routes across the Erewash Valley, linking residential to employment areas in Eastwood and beyond.  


Regeneration of the former Walker Street school site to provide a 36 consulting room facility with 6 lane, 25 metre swimming pool and support for the voluntary sector, encouragement for health and fitness, mental health awareness and many other opportunities noted.  


The financial costs of the project outlined, with reference to the initial design, which could be amended, subject to further consideration. 


Members of the Council expressed their full support towards the bid 


The Mayor, on behalf of the Council, extended appreciation to Councillors Radulovic, D. Bagshaw & Mrs. S. Bagshaw for driving the project forward, together with Broxtowe Borough Council Officers’ support. 


Councillor M. Radulovic received applause for his presentation and commitment from the Council and visitors. 




That a recorded vote in full support of the Eastwood Levelling-up Bid submission approved: – 


Councillor D. Bagshaw 

Councillor Mrs. S. Bagshaw 

Councillor Mrs. E. Benton 

Councillor Mrs. K. Boam 

Councillor M. Bullock 

Councillor R. Bullock 

Councillor Ms. J. Foxhall 

Councillor Mrs. M. Hannah 

Councillor N. Levett 

Councillor M. Radulovic 

Councillor K. Woodhead 

Councillor Mrs. R. Woods 


All voted in full support of the Levelling-up Bid for Eastwood. Broxtowe Borough Council to be notified of the outcome. 




The next meeting of the Town Council to take place on Monday 11th July 2022 commencing at 7.00 p.m.  


The Town Mayor closed the meeting at 7.59 p.m.