Eastwood Town Council – Town Council elected 4th May 2023

Eastwood Town Councillors attending the Annual Town Council meeting held Monday 15th May 2023 following elections which took place on 4th May 2023.

From left to right:-

Councillor David Bagshaw, Councillor Mrs. Zoe Battison, Councillor Logan King, Councillor Mrs. Julie Hagan, Councillor Kane Oliver, Councillor Mrs. Rosemary Woods, Councillor Robert Bullock, Councillor Milan Radulovic M.B.E., Councillor Mrs. K. Boam (Town Mayor), Councillor Neil Levett, Councillor Mrs. Janine Foxhall, Councillor Matthew Bullock (Deputy Town Mayor), Councillor Ken Woodhead, Councillor Mrs. Susan Bagshaw & Councillor Mrs. Eileen Benton.



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